046 – Don’t Over Anticipate: Looking Forward with Trust and Faith

Don't Over Anticipate

There is a good side to anticipation and a negative side. It creates excitement, but when we anticipate too much it could create limits. When we over anticipate sometimes we craft a future that is based upon our anticipation, which is limited by our wisdom and insight, rather than gradually moving into the better future God has prepared for us. In this episode, David and Donna talk about the importance of anticipatory leadership, but consider the pitfalls of over anticipation to a life of faith and trust.

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045 – Holidays Can Be Joyous and Challenging: Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Grief and the Holidays

Navigating Grief During the Holidays

Holidays are typically focused upon family gatherings and joyous celebrations. As leaders how do we help those who are not feeling “merry” to navigate the holidays? And how do those who are feeling the emotions of loss navigate all of the gatherings and celebrations? In this episode David and Donna talk about both helping others navigate anxiety and emotions during the holidays and they also speak to those who are struggling a bit with the celebrations going on around them when they are hurting and not feeling particularly celebratory.

This content was repurposed from a Calibrate360 blog post posted on December 19, 2016 because it was a popular topic, because we believe it is still relevant… and we wanted to do a podcast on the topic!

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044 – The Power of a Grateful Heart… Especially When You Don’t Feel Like it!

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is being appreciative of a kindness or a benefit received. It is not about being randomly thankful for every single occurrence in life, but rather, it is an acknowledgement for the things we appreciate. Therefore, the focus is not necessarily thankfulness for the sake of thankfulness, but gratitude for the overall context of blessing in our lives.

Gratitude anchors us in the positive side of life. Gratitude defines our joy.

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043 – Living Joyfully While Experiencing Pain and Sorrow

Experiencing Joy and Pain at the Same Time

Sometimes we have pain and joy at the same time. Walking through times of pain and sorrow is not a departure from a commitment to live a joyful life. We have to keep the good things in focus when we are walking through the worst things.

In last week’s podcast we discussed staying in a positive mindset. This week we expand upon that thought by considering how it is possible to stay positive, and live joyfully while experiencing pain and sorrow.

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042 – The Importance of Positive Self-Talk to the Joyful Life

The things we say to ourselves, our self-talk, will effect what we attempt and accomplish in life. If your self-talk is negative, you won’t even try great things. If your self-talk is positive and sane, you will accomplish much in your life and for the Kingdom of God. In this episode, we explore why positive self-talk has such an affect upon our lives and some calibration tools to help us stay on the positive track.

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