055 – Our Great Adventure Continues: We Are Stepping Into a New Chapter of Life

We’ve been talking a lot about living the great adventure, taking risks, stepping out in faith, living a joyful life, following your passions, etc. Well, we are leaving our present assignments and stepping out into an exciting future. This episode is about our journey and the reasons for our decision, but we do hope and believe that you will be encouraged by some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve made this monumental big leap.

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040 – Stop Listening to Everyone and Get on With Your Adventure!

There's a time to receive counsel and a time to live.

Stop Listening to Everyone and Get On With Your Adventure!

When you are going somewhere no one’s ever gone before no one else is going to understand. They cannot wrap their head around it. They will project their fear and uncertainty because they love you, but if they’ve never been where you are going, they are not going to understand and they will not be a comprehensive resource for you. When you are going a unique direction, to a unique place, trying to accomplish a God-dream that is unique to you there are severe limits as to who can advise you. Sometimes… no one but God can guide you. That is a very exciting zone in which to live.

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The Power of Starting

Starting is a requisite to finishing

Starting is the one immutable requisite to finishing. I sometimes make life so difficult, so complicated. I have a need to plot, to plan, to figure everything out, but nothing ever happens until I start.

I love to write. I used to sit and stare at the screen waiting for an epiphany. Needing inspiration, a direction, a divine deposit of intervention. I still do sometimes. Writing is about starting. When you start to write words they meander at first, but then they find a path. This might be a divine intervention, it might be a canvassing of the forest for a path, and we follow the path once it is found.

Life is like that. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I am not sure where I’m going. I want a clear path, but I don’t see one. When I start with the thing I do know, the thing that is clear, or even when I just pick a direction and start walking, it is a supernatural phenomenon how I come across paths, good paths, fulfilling paths to follow.

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010 – Why Trust is More Important than Clarity: Choosing the Right Path in the Fog

We all desire clarity of vision and direction for the future. Clarity is important for decisiveness. It’s much easier to move boldly into the future when we have a clear picture in our spirit, mind, and soul. But what about those times when everything is foggy except for the next few steps? Trust is far more important than clarity when it comes to choosing the right paths and directions. Spiritual leaders, coaches, and mentors are always concerned with a clear vision of the future, and this episode of Calibrate Life focuses upon how the greatest visional clarity comes through a commitment to trust.

The most common question asked by leaders who want to honor Christ with their lives is, “How do I know what’s next?” “How do I know God’s will or direction for my life?” “How do I know when it is time to change paths, or which path I should choose?” All of those question have in common a desire for a crystal clear future, or at least a detailed life plan and direction. [2:40]

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