055 – Our Great Adventure Continues: We Are Stepping Into a New Chapter of Life

We’ve been talking a lot about living the great adventure, taking risks, stepping out in faith, living a joyful life, following your passions, etc. Well, we are leaving our present assignments and stepping out into an exciting future. This episode is about our journey and the reasons for our decision, but we do hope and believe that you will be encouraged by some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve made this monumental big leap.

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050 – Listen, Focus, and Go!

It's Time to Get Some Forward Movement with Your Vision

Listen Focus Go

If you’ve been thinking about doing something for a long time, now is the time to look at the actions you need to connect to your dreaming. You have more visions floating around in your head than you will ever accomplish. This is the time to focus all of the pieces and settle on the ONE direction you will go. You cannot do everything you want to do… but you can (within parameters) do anything you want to do if you focus on a singular objective. In accomplishing our mission we must first listen, then focus, and then GO!

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036 – Five Ways to Stay Encouraged While Pursuing a Dream

Every dream is accompanied by obstacles, things that stand in the way, things that discourage you. Keeping ourselves encouraged while pursing a dream that is bigger than we are is a challenge, but applying these five principles to our thinking will give us lift in going after the fulfillment of our heart passions.

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034 – Where Do You Get the Money to Accomplish Your Vision?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just dreamed the dreams and God, or someone, just took all of the responsibility for financing our vision, our great adventure? Everything we want to do in life has to be resourced. Things we dream about, the vision we have for our family and relationships, even the things we sincerely want to do for God. How do we get the resources to do the things in our hearts to do? We discuss how resources are an indicator of the paths we should choose, and what to do if we just don’t have the resources we need to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

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024 – Living Life Right Now!

Because Life Isn't Lived in the Past or the Future

Life can only be experienced and lived in the moment. The past is the foundation for right now and the future is built upon the life we are living right now. When we live life in the past or in the future we sacrifice the joy we should experience right now. How do we embrace the past, look to the future, and still experience the joy of living, leading, and loving today, right now?

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about the importance of living life right now, not in the past, and not in the future, but right now! Continue reading for the article and time-stamped episode notes and links.

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