055 – Our Great Adventure Continues: We Are Stepping Into a New Chapter of Life

We’ve been talking a lot about living the great adventure, taking risks, stepping out in faith, living a joyful life, following your passions, etc. Well, we are leaving our present assignments and stepping out into an exciting future. This episode is about our journey and the reasons for our decision, but we do hope and believe that you will be encouraged by some of the things we’ve learned as we’ve made this monumental big leap.

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046 – Don’t Over Anticipate: Looking Forward with Trust and Faith

Don't Over Anticipate

There is a good side to anticipation and a negative side. It creates excitement, but when we anticipate too much it could create limits. When we over anticipate sometimes we craft a future that is based upon our anticipation, which is limited by our wisdom and insight, rather than gradually moving into the better future God has prepared for us. In this episode, David and Donna talk about the importance of anticipatory leadership, but consider the pitfalls of over anticipation to a life of faith and trust.

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030 – Focus on Your Strength Zone

Lessons from a Worm

The more we mature and develop and come into the purposes of God for our lives, the more we must focus upon our strengths as opposed to our weaknesses. There comes a time when we need to let go of our weaknesses and make investment where we already have strengths. We must continue to calibrate the core. If we have weaknesses in our core (our spiritual life, our relationships, etc.) we have to lift those weaknesses, but in our mission the more we mature, the more we narrow our focus into our strengths.

In this episode David and Donna talk about getting into our zone. Continue reading for the episode notes.

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029 – Living and Leading Out of a Prophetic Vision

If you are a Christ following leader, whether in ministry or in the marketplace, you are called to do something more than simply make a living or build commerce. You are called to be a transformational leader. If you are a Christ follower, no matter your leadership arena, you are about the heartbeat of the Father. You are a transformational leader. You are called to make a difference in the lives of the people you love and lead.

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025 – Alignment in Life and Relationships: Living, Leading, and Loving in the Same Direction

Alignment is a lot like calibration, the difference is calibration is adjusting one component or part of our lives, but alignment is getting all of the parts and relationships of our lives moving and working together. Alignment is essential for for our own effectiveness, right and positive influences, for properly pursuing our calling and purposes, and for living a joyful life. Organizational and team alignment is an important focus for accomplishing your mission.

In this episode of the Calibrate Life Podcast, David and Donna talk about the need for moving together in alignment in our personal lives, relationships, and team leadership. For complete and time-stamped episode notes, continue reading.

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