048 – Emmanuel, God With Us: Being Jesus in a Needy World

Emmanuel, God With Us

The promise of Emmanuel, God with us, is not only a Christmas story, it is our life and hope. Incarnation was and is about God presenting himself in our context to be with us and reveal himself to us. Christ in you is your opportunity to “be Jesus” in a world that needs him. Jesus is a friend to sinners and wants to be with them. The way he does that is through you. That is how the great and indescribable God reveals himself, through you!

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027 – Getting an Annual Spiritual Life Alignment

Have you ever thought about getting an annual spiritual alignment? About once a year we take a week out of our schedule to align our life vision with our spiritual life. This spiritual and strategic retreat is essential to calibrating our listening to the Spirit of God and aligning our forward movement according to the revelation gained during that week. We have to do a lot of ongoing calibration throughout the year, but this retreat, without fail, sets the agenda for the next 12 to 18 months of our lives.

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Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Grief and the Holidays

Holidays Can Be Both Joyous and Challenging

I love Christmas; It’s the holiday season I’m not so sure about. No this isn’t a rant about shopping, but thoughts about the holidays for those who have recently, and not so recently, lost someone they love.

Losing someone is losing a piece of your world that you will never get back. It is a hole in your life that nothing else ever fills, because a unique and loved person is irreplaceable. There are two spheres of impact: (1) The more loved the person and (2) the more interwoven the person was into our life or “world”, the greater the disruption. Donna and I have started a new and joy-filled life, but neither of us is a replacement for the person we lost. We are coming more and more to realize and deeply desire newness, allowing old things to pass away, redefining our world, embracing tightly the people we love, and moving into a new, unique, and exciting world. Etc.

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Mom Taught Presence, Dad Taught Process

2 Things That Make Me Who I Am

Dad taught me the power of believing in myself. Mom taught me the power of believing in God. Mom taught me to pursue the Presence of God and Dad taught me how to develop processes to implement and execute vision.

Fathers Day

I am so weary of those who focus solely on plans and strategies to sucessfully push and shove their own agenda on everyone around them through sheer willpower and transactional leadership skill.

I am also weary of those who criticize those gifted to craft a strategy to fulfill a God-given vision because somehow they think it more spiritual to camp in the euphoria of the Presence, never fulfilling divinely birthed directives.

I am thankful for a Mom who taught me to value and seek the Presence of God in my life. She taught me dependence on God and to always seek God’s agenda. I am thankful for a Dad who taught me how to think and how to believe in what God had put in me.

We need to seek God’s agenda, His purpose and plan, His direction. We need to seek his empowerment to accomplish what He puts in our hearts. We need to understand how God made us and how He wired us.

My calling is to place my ear on the chest of the Father, listen to his heart beat, and then do what I heard. (Quote inspired by Henri Nouwin)

Once we hear and know God’s agenda, then it’s time to act, it’s time to believe in the gifts and abilities God has given us, it’s time to have confidence in what we’ve heard and build out an inspired plan.

Sometimes our purpose or calling is complex, but it finds fulfillment in layers of simple steps.

I need to courageously attempt things big enough that without God’s help I will fail, but also understand He has uniquely developed within me the faith, courage, experience and abilities necessary to do what He is directing.

Thanks Mom, for teaching me to rely on God and not self.

Thanks Dad, for teaching me that God put  good abilities and gifts in me.

The mix of these two, Presence and process, have made me who I am. I want to fully follow God’s agenda and I want to build structures and processes that will actually accomplish the vision.

On this Father’s Day I am thankful for strength in the two things I must have, the Presence of God and the process thinking to accomplish God’s agenda.

As a transformational leader, give attention to those two things in the lives of those you love and lead!