Go With What God Puts in Your Heart!

Write Your Heart

One of the keys to writing is having the right stuff in your heart. You cannot write one thing while being something else. I cannot write as a gracious human being when I am full of criticism and snark. It’s too much work to be one thing and write something else. Writing flows from the soul. When the soul is yielded to the spirit, then spirit stuff comes out. When the soul is not yielded to the spirit, then soulish stuff comes out. It takes a lot of work to write things not in your heart.

It goes back to obedience to God. Am I willing to write what I hear from God or do I have to change it to make it palatable, to make it something people want to hear, stuff that appeals to my perceived reader, whether it is in my heart or not.

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Your Words Are Imperfect and Inadequate – Write Them Anyway

Communicating the Heart of a Prophetic Vision

I’ve always had a lot of unique thoughts, and I’ve written millions of words in my lifetime. In fact, I’ve written almost a million words in my journal since 2012. I’ve only published a fraction of those words, which is a good thing, but I should have published a lot more of them.

One of the things that has kept me from publishing more of my work is the feeling that I need to know more before I publish something. I am a thinker and I usually feel my thoughts on a matter need to mature more before I make them public. I often hesitate because I may later discover I was wrong, I may change my mind, or someone may call me out and prove me wrong, at least in their mind?

I have to write anyway. I have to express the prophetic revelation as I see it, the revelation as it was given me. My revelations, like everyone else’s, are imperfect because we look as though through a veil or a darkened glass. What we see in our humanity is but a fraction of reality and truth. The only revelation I have is what I see, the one I’ve been graciously given.

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023 – Beating the Imposter Syndrome

Squashing Fear and Stepping into Our Gifts

Sometimes we fail to do the things in our heart, to really go for it, or to even start, because of the who-do-you-think-you-are mentality. Fear may hold us back from putting ourselves out there and creating the things we not only feel that we should create, but the things we must create. This is a common struggle and one that must be overcome before we can accomplish the important things we are called to do and reach for the next level in our lives. This is about pressing forward to pursue mission critical advancements. In this episode, David and Donna take a few pages from their own lives the transparently share the battles they’ve faced, and continue to face in confidently creating the things in their hearts.

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The Power of Starting

Starting is a requisite to finishing

Starting is the one immutable requisite to finishing. I sometimes make life so difficult, so complicated. I have a need to plot, to plan, to figure everything out, but nothing ever happens until I start.

I love to write. I used to sit and stare at the screen waiting for an epiphany. Needing inspiration, a direction, a divine deposit of intervention. I still do sometimes. Writing is about starting. When you start to write words they meander at first, but then they find a path. This might be a divine intervention, it might be a canvassing of the forest for a path, and we follow the path once it is found.

Life is like that. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I am not sure where I’m going. I want a clear path, but I don’t see one. When I start with the thing I do know, the thing that is clear, or even when I just pick a direction and start walking, it is a supernatural phenomenon how I come across paths, good paths, fulfilling paths to follow.

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8 Filters I Use to Determine the Content I Allow to Influence Me

Anchoring in the Heartbeat of the Father

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, articles, books, the latest and greatest you-should-do-this or buy-this resources, and listening to a lot of podcasts, in fact I regularly throw my own stuff in the mix… yep, I own it, I am a blogger, I am a podcaster, I am a writer, I have a lot of things in my heart and my head and I have joined the ranks.

I love to read what other people are thinking, but more than that, I love to read insights from people who have an obvious relationship with God and have a few scars to prove they’ve remained faithful through some tough stuff.

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about who I will and should listen to, who I will read, and who I will take advice from. Hey, I’ve learned incredible things from the most unlikely sources, many of them secular. It irks me just a little that sometimes it seems more wisdom flows from “secular” authors than from Christ-following writers and leaders. After all, God is the source of the most excellent wisdom.

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