064 – Seven Scriptures to Guide Your Great Adventure (from Cape Town South Africa)

Every one of us longs to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, to step into the next great adventure and live the life we know we should live, and to live joyfully. In our huge transition we’ve found (so far) seven scriptures that encourage and guide us. In this episode, David and Donna discuss those 7 guiding scriptures.

Seven Scriptures to Guide You in Your Great Adventure

We recorded this podcast in Cape Town, South Africa. As we’ve been traveling through South Africa, in out-of-the-ordinary surroundings, we’ve opened our spiritual eyes and ears to hear what God would say to us.

We are hearing some incredible things that are certainly bigger than we are. We are not sure of our destination on this great adventure, but as our excitement builds, we are feeling things in our future far bigger than us and our ability. Now, that is an exciting place to be in life!

So very many of you are on an adventure in your life. As you live the Christ life, dreams and vision surface and you move toward them. The last several episodes of this podcast have focused upon navigating the paths of life.

These are the seven scriptures emerging in our lives as promises of God and guide posts for living out part two of our lives. As you listen to the episode and contemplate these scriptures, we pray God reveals himself to you and gives you guidance on your journey.

  1. 2 Kings 6
  2. 2 Corinthians 4.18
  3. Jeremiah 33.3
  4. Ezekiel 37
  5. Zechariah 4.6
  6. Matthew 6.33
  7. Ephesians 3.20

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By the way, for next week’s episode we will be back in Indiana in our studio, so we are already looking forward to next Thursday!

063 – Practically Live From South Africa: Disoriented Listening

Disoriented Listening

Sometimes when we are in new and exciting places it is easier to listen to the heartbeat of God, but it can sometimes be difficult to “hear” when you are disoriented, in transition, or not thinking clearly. David and Donna are podcasting from South Africa today and talking about their adventure of trying to listen to God in unfamiliar surroundings.

Disoriented Listening: Practically Live From South Africa

While traveling we are recording the podcast with our handheld digital recorder. This week we are privileged to be sharing with a group of missionaries in South Africa, as well as experiencing a lot of other relationships and adventures.

In this episode, David and Donna talk about the things they are experiencing and the things they are learning in Africa. One of the topics that surfaced during the podcast is the experience of listening to God in unfamiliar surroundings.

We always hope to hear from God in unique ways while in unique places, but sometimes the distractions of unfamiliar sights and sounds overwhelms our sensory perception and it can be difficult the “hear.”

We are learning to listen through the surroundings and pace ourselves. We must release expectations as to how God is going to reveal himself to us and rather take that revelation through the things happening around us.

God is always active and always revealing himself, we just have to experience him in the way he is showing himself.

We celebrated Resurrection Day at Choose Life Church in Pretoria, where Donna used to attend and minister to the children. We spent the afternoon with Donna’s friends (and who are now my friends).

We’ve enjoyed different perspectives of the country and its challenges. We’ve come to the conclusion that South Africa, and the United States, needs Jesus!

We’ve walked with lions, played with tigers, petted a Cheetah, and enjoyed watching monkeys play on this continuation of our great adventure.

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Have a blessed Thursday!

059 – Is Your “Why” Bigger than the Lions: Overcoming Obstacles

What is Your Why?

What’s your “why?” What motivates you enough to face the lions in your way? Your “why” motivates you to push through the obstacles? Do you ever get tired of pressing through one obstacle after another? The obstacles are like lions standing between us and our mission. It takes a lot of motivation to push past lions. You must have a “why” big enough to overcome the lions.

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058- But Why is the Tough Stuff of Life Necessary?

Why are hard things necessary?

Why do hard things happen to good and faithful people? We know life has a lot of tough stuff, but why is it necessary? As hard as it may be, we need to embrace the difficult things as important and necessary in gaining the best things life has to offer. The tough stuff convinces us to look beyond ourselves and to discover success and the true meaning of life itself. Every great adventure brings with it a lot of hard things, that’s what makes it possible to experience the great adventure.

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056 — Overcoming the Anxiety from Your Leap of Faith

Every major life change is accompanied by chaos and anxiety. How can you manage the chaos, stress, and anxiety that comes with exciting new adventures or with the change of unexpected or undesired changes or tragedies? Even in our day to day lives just simply trying to accomplish something of significance, chaos and stress are a part of the equation. Why is that and how can we manage the chaos and anxiety and stay focused on joyful living?

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